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Miso Soup
A popular Japanese style soybean soup served with tofu & seaweed.

Crag & shrimp wrapped in paper-thin-sliced cucumber with tangy rice vinegar sauce.

Tuna Tataki
Thinly sliced seared tuna served with Ponzu sauce.

Spicy Octopus or Conch
Octopus or Conch with cucumber & spicy sauce.

Steamed soybeans.

Gyoza (Steamed or Fried)
Japanese style rice pastry shell filled with pork. Served with Japanese dipping sauce.

Soft Shell Crab Katsu
Deep fried soft shell crab with Japanese breadcrumbs. Served with Katsu sauce.


Green Salad with Ginger Dressing
Fresh delectable vegetables in a salad served with ginger dressing.

Sashimi Appetizer (9 pieces)

  1. Tuna, Salmon & White fish
  2. Tuna only or Salmon only
  3. Tuna, Salmon & Yellowtail
  4. Yellowtail only

Sushi Appetizer (6 pieces)
Nigiri, Chefs choice only.

Shu Mai (Fried/Steamed Dumplings)
Pork filled dumpling with Japanese dipping sauce.

Fried Tofu
Slices of tofu deep fried & served with house special sweet & sour sauce and roasted peanuts.

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
Lightly crispy fried shrimp & vegetables served in light tempura sauce.

Ask for our special roll menu.


Nigiri = Ball of sushi rice with topping. (2 pieces / order)
Sashimi = Sliced raw fish with no rice. (2 pieces / order)
indicate topping are not raw.

CookedFried Tofu (Inari)
CookedSweet Egg (Tamago)

CookedCrab (Kani)
CookedShrimp (Ebi)
CookedEel (Unagi)
CookedOctopus (Tako)
CookedSmoke Salmon


Quail egg
Mackerel (Saba)
Red Snapper (Izumidai)
White Tuna
Conch (Horagi)
Scallop (Hotategai)
Salmon (Sake)
Tuna (Maguro)
Smelt Roe (Masago)
Yellow Tail (Hamachi)
Salmon Roe (Ikura)
Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi)
Chopped Scallop
Red Tobikko



Temaki is a cone shaped hand roll.
Hosomaki are rolls cut into 6-8 pieces.
Any substitution incurs extra charge.

indicate topping are not raw.

Kappa Roll
Fresh cucumber with sesame seeds

Fresh Salmon Roll
Fresh salmon

Tekka Roll
Fresh red tuna

Avocado Roll
Slices of Fresh avocado

Eel Roll
Grilled freshwater eel topped with sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds

Salmon Skin Roll
Grilled salmon skin topped with sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds

California Roll
Crab, avocado & cucumber with sesame seeds

Kentucky Roll
Fried chicken, lettuce topped with mayo

J.B. Roll
Japanese Bagel roll with Salmon & cream cheese

Bakery Roll
Deep fried Japanese Bagel roll topped with sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds

Vegetable Roll
Asparagus, kampyo, spinach, cucumber, avocado & wakame

Kewpie Roll
Crab, lettuce & cucumber topped with mayo

Caliente Roll
Fried red snapper, lettuce, avocado, cucumber topped with spicy mayo

Alaskan Roll
Spicy fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber & masago

Kimchee Roll
Conch, spinach, asparagus, kimchee sauce & masago


Tanzana Roll
Yellowtail tuna, asparagus, avocado & masago

Spicy Tuna Roll
Fresh red tuna with spicy kimchee sauce

Dynamite Roll
Assorted seafood baked in spicy mayo & spicy kimchee sauce

Spider Roll
Fried soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado & masago topped with sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds

Bahamas Roll
Conch fritter, crab, cucumber & kimchee sauce topped with spicy mayo & tobikko

Rainbow Roll
California roll topped with fresh salmon, red tuna, white tuna, masago & sesame seeds

 Shrimp Tempura Roll
Fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado & masago topped with sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds.

 California Eel Roll
California roll topped with grilled freshwater eel, sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds.

 Crazy Roll
Grilled salmon skin, grilled freshwater eel, asparagus, avocado, masago topped with sweet eel sauce & sesame seeds.

 Futomaki Roll
Crab, asparagus, tamago, kampyo, spinach, cucumber & masago.

 Mexican Roll
Inside fried shrimp, lettuce, cucumber topped with masago, sesame seeds, shrimp & spicy mayo.

Philly Roll
Inside salmon, cream cheese, cucumber & avocado topped with masago, sesame seeds and smoked salmon.


Looking for something more exotic: ask about our Special roll of the day & Chef's Special menu



Served with Miso soup & Green salad
(Chef's selection - any substitution incurs extra charge)

B6 Vegetable Combo
A vegetable roll with 5 pieces of vegetable Sushi & wakame.

B7 Hosomaki Combo
California roll, Japanese bagel roll & tuna roll.

B8 Temaki Combo
4 most popular hand rolls (chefs choice)

B9 Lady's Finger
One rainbow roll & 5 pieces of Sushi.


B10 Chirashi
A variety of sashimi toppings on a bed of sushi rice.

B11 Sushi Mori
One California roll & variety of Nigiri (9 pcs)

B12 Sashimi Mori
Assorted slices of fresh fish (15 pcs)

B13 Sushi & Sashimi Sampler
California roll, Tuna roll, 5 pcs Sushi & 6 pcs Sashimi.

B14 Sampler Boat
One Spicy Tuna roll, Japanese bagel roll, 3 pcs Sushi, 6 pcs Sashimi & 1/2 Tempura Combo Roll.